We are always on the lookout for amazing people who inspire us.

Interested in a career with Alectrona? Then we should probably let you know that a career with us is never just a job. We actually really like each other, the work we do, and the clients we serve. Check out the core values our team wrote to help you figure out if there's a place for us in your life. If you can see us working together, apply below or just drop us a note!

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The values that drive us forward.

Passion and urgency infuse everything we do, alongside the wisdom to consider options fully and with care.

Deliver the Impossible

We set aggressive goals. We aren’t only committed to doing good work. We go beyond treating symptoms to treating root causes and architecting next-generation solutions instead of stopgaps. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth making things amazing.

Communicate Openly & Accessibly

We value honesty and transparency, and we carry this forth into our client relationships.. We aim to understand one another and want our clients to know exactly how we’re serving them, so we speak in plain English.

Committed to Community

We care passionately about creating a better world and want to support companies that are on the same mission. Knowing that we are helping to make a difference makes our work that much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Enjoy the Adventure, Together

When work is fun, it doesn’t feel like work. We cultivate a sense of humor and lean in together on the hard stuff. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we actually love this work and enjoy each other’s company.


Alectrona is for everyone

We focus on scaling companies, generally 25 - 1000+ employees for managed services including funded startups, SaaS & development companies and larger organizations. Our consulting services are used by both advanced IT teams and organizations without their own internal IT staffing. Our IT Pro tools benefit anyone managing their own MDM.

It's fun being the ones who solve the really hard problems and create solutions IT experts across the Apple-business landscape trust. We draw a lot of satisfaction from hearing how we've significantly improved the working environment of our clients. And - we're serious about building a great place to work where we all get to enjoy what we do together.

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Supporting Our Team:

We’ve worked hard to create a space where employees can do what they love. And we know that we must take care of our team, as they take care of customers. That attitude is core to our culture. We know you have options and we’re hoping you’ll make us one of them. If you’re looking for a job with a mission to match your skills then we want to hear from you. Here are a few of the benefits we provide our team members:

Health Insurance

Alectrona pays 99% of monthly premiums
Platinum PPO Healthcare plan with dental, vision, reproductive care & more
$0 deductible


Unlimited PTO
Birth leave
Parental leave
Flexible scheduling

Investment in You

Learning budget
Conference budget


Career development
Training & certifications
Career progress planning
Access to professional coaching

See what it's like

Life at Alectrona:

We've built a base of clients that we really like supporting: good people doing good things so we get to be proud of the difference we're making around the world. And we've built a group of team mates who show up for each other in a continuous-learning environment.

Alectrona staff get to know each customer individually and learn about your unique business needs.
Photo of Alectrona staff working with clients

Interview Process

With all of our open roles, we build interviews that directly assess job skills for the roles we’re hiring, not a bunch of theoretical tests. For example, if the role involves coding, expect to code during the interview! Looking to join our customer support team? Expect to roleplay customer support scenarios with our interviewers.We have designed our interview process to value your time and ours. Interviews at Alectrona typically consist of a series of virtual interview with members of our remote team. To get started, please take a look at our job listings:

Frequently asked questions.

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our hiring process.

Do I need to have a Computer Science degree?

No. We hire for skills, not degrees. We value self motivation learning and education, but see these values in many people who are have a depth of knowledge gained beyond traditional structures.

Will I be required to work in an office in-person?

No. All of our team members work remotely. There are occasional opportunities to visit client offices or attend conferences in person but most of our clients are also remote so this is very rare.

How do I check the status of my application?

Reply to the email you received when you submitted your application.

Frequently Asked Questions
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