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With Alectrona as your service provider, you’re not just a number.  Our dedicated team of engineers will get to know you and your team on a first-name basis. Our team of Jamf-certified, US-based engineers is available 8am-8pm Eastern 7 days a week.

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Application & device management
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Organizational IT optimization
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THe ALectrona Experience

99%+ 5-star satisfaction rating from the end-users we support

There are a lot of reasons why our customers are so happy - but it starts with the fact that we care. When your team is empowered by great IT support, your employee experience will improve significantly and your organization can achieve amazing results.

We use your preferred systems

We integrate with your existing HRIS or provide one for you so you don’t have to double-enter information into multiple systems.

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We don’t hold your systems hostage

Your team will be provided full transparency into management and can take the configuration with you if you ever move away from using our services. Never re-enroll your devices again. 

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No-cost transition services

Ready to disconnect from your existing MSP? We make this transition painless for your organization.

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Application & Cloud Management

We make sure the right employees have access to the right business systems and that the data within each is secure.

Jamf Protect

Best-in-class security to protect your organization but not negatively impact performance of your Macs.

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Alectrona Patch

We built the industry-leading patch management solution for macOS with over 350 third-party applications, ensuring your systems are secure with the latest patches on the day of release

At Alectrona, we genuinely like our customers and we like what we do.
Our commitment

Our customers love us,

so we won't lock you into a multi-year agreement to keep your business.  If you're unhappy with us at any time, we'll assist with your transition. We do not charge cancellation fees for customers who are switching from a competitor.  We understand that moving to a new vendor can be scary, and we are confident you're going to love working with us. 

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Case Studies

See Us In Action

Read the real-life stories from our customers of how we've supported their organization's incredible transformations:

Government Contracting:

2300 Employees Offices in 49 States

Rapid growth for pandemic contract tracing firm deployed in a very short timeframe: 



150 Employees Offices in 27 Countries

Five continents connected across conflict zones:



600 Employees Virginia & Remote

Rapidly growing security firm gets it right the first time:



40 Employees
Cincinnati, Ohio

Creative firm doubles in size implementing technology to scale creative business:

Alectrona team at Expel offices
The difference

Real Expertise

The Alectrona team supporting your organization is comprised of industry experts. Our staff deliver high-level Jamf training and configuration services to IT teams around the world. Global organizations choose Alectrona to solve some of their most difficult IT challenges. And scaling organizations credit us with empowering their organization's success by providing the right guidance and support every step they needed it.

Apple IT team talking with clients. Ready to switch from electric? You'll be glad you did!

Repeatable process automation

We use automation to ensure precision and prompt accuracy for your organization's IT processes. From making sure your software patching is up-to-date to rapidly onboarding new staff, our engineers have created custom Alectrona solutions to make sure everything runs right for your organization's IT infrastructure.

MDM team support

Secure, manage and empower users

Our team of engineers remotely manages your entire organization's IT needs through advanced MDM support. We ensure identity-based access is enabled to connect your users to everything they need to stay productive. We configure and deploy all the applications your organization relies on and we detect, monitor, remediate and defend against known and unknown threats.

Alectrona team meeting with organizational leadership

Real-time monitoring and protection

We use customizable behavioral analytics to identify malicious and suspicious behavior with the ability to create personalized analytics for threat hunting within your environment. Our team's tools provide powerful Mac threat remediation and defense workflows to not only minimize risk but also to quarantine, sanitize and remediate infections, all while keeping the process seamless to the end user and maintaining the full Apple experience.

Alectrona IT management consulting team onsite at client offices supporting advanced security needs

Regulatory compliance made easy

Achieve best-in-class security and maintain compliance with ease. We've supported many of our clients through complex regulatory requirements and we're ready to help your organization succeed with your unique needs.

Compare internal hiring vs. Alectrona Infrastructure:

100 employee organization:


Annual Cost Alectrona Infrastructure


Total IT savings working with Alectrona
See the math:

Services Details

Here's what's included with Alectrona Infrastructure:

Device Management

Using remote management, we make sure your software is up to date, encryption is enforced and can even remotely lock or wipe devices in cases of loss or theft. We’ve got you covered for all routine maintenance and configurations, wherever you work from around the world. We'll work with your technology and operations teams to develop a full catalog of applications for users to install (or have installed for them), as well as develop appropriate configurations and settings to ensure security, compliance and continuity across your organization.

Cloud Services Management

Once you provide us with the onboarding checklist for your new employee, we ensure they’ll have access to every app they need, based on role, department, and more so they're ready to work day one. Our cloud asset tracking integrates with your HRIS so we can ensure you have a detailed audit trail of all services so that you can stay compliant and ensure user access is secured when an employee leaves the organization.

We also assist with managing access changes, password resets, and other account-related assistance throughout the employee lifecycle.  Simply open a ticket with the requested change, and the Alectrona team will handle the rest.

Employee On-Boarding & Off-Boarding

Employee on-boarding is extremely important to us here at Alectrona. We create checklists to create and secure user accounts to cloud services, as well as assist your new employees with getting started to build their confidence in their new position. Off-boarding can also be delicate, and we handle each off-boarding with sensitivity and (if requested) urgency. Alectrona offers HRIS resources to all of our clients to make this process easier and through our included onboarding checklist, tasks can be assigned to Alectrona to prepare a user’s computer, as well as provision user accounts for all of the services they will need to do their job.

Device Depot Services

New device setup, enrollment, configuration, and deployment is included in your monthly fee. We are also able to manage your inventory of your preferred endpoint hardware, and assist with shipping and receiving devices as part of employee onboarding & offboarding.

The Alectrona team will prepare devices, ship to the employee directly (shipping costs will be your organization’s responsibility), and ensure the device is provisioned with software and settings to ensure your new employee can be ready on day one. The employee is only responsible for unboxing and connecting the device to the internet once they receive it.

Procurement Facilitation

We assist with purchasing Apple hardware through your Custom Apple Store (we’ll help you get yours set up if you don’t already have one). We provide advice for end of life notification, replacement and assistance in how to dispose or trade-in devices. Alectrona will work with your organization to regularly update your standard system configurations when new hardware is released, and have your standardized hardware requirements on hand when new computers need to be ordered for new hires.

Repair Facilitation

Sometimes computers don't work the way we want them to, and at Alectrona we recognize this can be a challenge to navigate.  We provide repair facilitation directly by working with Apple to ship a box to your employee's home or your office, or alternatively, we can ship a replacement computer and a return shipping label so your user has virtually zero downtime when something goes wrong.  We'll handle managing the repair and then reserve the computer in inventory for reissue, avoiding unnecessary downtime for your staff.

Escalation Support for your internal team:

Our team is here to help your designated IT point of contact with escalation support. Once your internal team has worked with your end user to gather information and perform basic troubleshooting, we're available to help solve those tricky problems or issues impacting multiple users in your organization. For organizations looking for unlimited technical support for your end users, our Alectrona Complete add-on is available.

Cloud Backups

We install a backup agent on all managed macOS devices that will transmit backups from the device to a cloud backup server through an encrypted session. We configure additional backup systems for redundancy and ease of rapid recovery in case of a hardware failure, theft, or other data loss situation.

Technology Planning & Ongoing Strategy

We make ourselves available to your organization’s decision-makers to aid in the planning of your technology future. Your leadership will have access to Alectrona’s expertise when making technology decisions.

Alectrona monitors the age and performance of computers and can provide recommendations on hardware upgrades and workstation replacements to help minimize downtime and maximize productivity with the latest hardware and software for your devices.  We help you ensure you have appropriate hardware available for new hires, as well as maintain available inventory for when something goes wrong.

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