Alectrona Enterprise

Supercharge Your IT Team

Supporting your IT department - taking on Mac management workload to unburden your team & support your growth goals

How Alectrona Enterprise works
Device Management

Flexible options for your Apple management needs, including MDM management, hardware procurement deployment, maintenance, repair, upgrade and return - all handled for you.

Our Automation Platform

Alectrona Patch & Alectrona Migrator as well as custom automation workflows to help keep your endpoints secure, while keeping your end-users and your security team happy.

IT Support for Your IT Team

Get in touch with our US-based engineers 7 days a week via the systems you already use (Slack or Teams, etc.).  We're available to support you and your team with anything Apple related.

Enterprise Solutions

Employee Choice Store

Give your employees a choice of products and empower them to decide which devices will work best for their needs. Your custom employee choice store enables them to be more productive and work the way that they want.

included with Alectrona Infrastructure for Enterprise:

Security & Compliance

Tightly integrated seamless protection so you achieve best-in-class security and maintain compliance with complex regulatory requirements with ease.

Application & Device Management

We proactively manage the health of your endpoints and applications using our proprietary platform tailored for your unique needs.

Inventory Management & Depot Service

Alectrona includes inventory storage and tracking, new device setup, enrollment, configuration, and deployment included in your monthly fee. We are also able to manage your inventory of your
preferred endpoint hardware and assist with shipping and receiving devices as part of employee onboarding and offboarding.

Organizational IT Optimization

Scaling organizations credit us with enabling their success by providing the right guidance and support every step they need it.

Tailored Support for Your IT Team

With Alectrona as a part of your team, you'll always have the support you need. Our dedicated team of expert engineers know Apple and know your environment well and are available to your team when you need them.

Our team of Jamf-certified, US-based engineers is available 8am - 8pm ET.

Our commitment

IT & security teams love us...

99%+ 5-star satisfaction rating

There are a lot of reasons why our customers are so happy - but it starts with the fact that we care. When your team is empowered by great IT support, your employee experience will improve significantly and your organization can achieve amazing results.

“These guys do a lot more than the
big guys can do and they do it better. We hired Alectrona to build our Apple business.”
Steve Hultquist

Former Sr. Principal, Apple Alliance, DXC Technology
Dave Stoicescu, Expel
“Their team really knows the Apple ecosystem and they never take a sick day. Alectrona has both enabled our in-house team to do more than they could on their own, as well as free up much-needed time and resources to help with internal projects such as our office expansion. Alectrona enabled us to triple our original team, and we look forward to continuing to work with them as we grow.”
Dave Stoicescu
Deputy CISO, Expel
Michelle Zeller, IWPR
“Alectrona is our ideal IT partner - especially for compliance around audit standards and advanced technical expertise for complex situations. We went from constantly worrying about this to now being able to trust that our IT infrastructure around the world is secure and scalable.”
Michele Zeller
SPHR, Global HR Director IWPR

Alectrona helps you find your:

Financial Optimization Superpowers:

Achieve best-in-class security and maintain compliance with ease. We've supported many of our clients through complex regulatory requirements and we're ready to help your organization succeed with your unique needs.

Enhanced Productivity, Turbocharged Results:

Supercharge your team's impact by offloading time-consuming management tasks to Alectrona and unlock valuable time for your team.

Unleash Operational Efficiency:

Alectrona automates your processes and eliminates manual tasks, minimizing the risk of errors and allowing you to focus on propelling your business forward.

Alectrona IT management consulting team onsite at client offices supporting advanced security needs

Proactive Security, Risk Mitigation:

Alectrona safeguards your organization's valuable data, protecting you from evolving threats providing 24x7 comprehensive IT monitoring and management.

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