Technology should help, not hinder, amazing work.

We created Alectrona to prove that companies can prioritize security and compliance and still create a delightful environment where everything just works.

About Alectrona 
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Alectrona team at Coho Creative offices

Who we are

It’s the 21st century. We are no longer at the dawn of the digital age, fumbling through new territory. Bleeding edge apps, clean data, smooth onboarding, and effortless workflows are a baseline, not an aspiration. We believe that humans deserve secure, easy-to-use tools and systems that put them first since they are the ones behind the wheel.

So we designed the company we would hire if we were in your shoes.

Our Global Network of Mac Experts

Alectrona leverages top-level talent partners around the world developed through our ongoing training offerings and active participation in the Mac community. With offices in Washington DC and Austin TX, our expert team is positioned to support you wherever you are. Team locations include Paris, Marseille, London, San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago.

Our Client Commitments

Customer experience is more than meeting an SLA.

Our team is passionate about making Apple “just work” for our clients, because we want you to experience the delight of a truly functional technology environment, without the friction of IT getting in the way. We get excited about what we do, and we love sharing that passion with our partners.

Enterprise IT becomes enjoyable again.

We actually love what we do, we take a lot of pride in the quality of our work, and for us, customer experience is paramount. The SLA is not the only metric that drives us. We get deeply invested in finding ways to keep our clients as excited as we are. In an industry that hasn’t changed much in over a decade, we are actively reimagining what clients should expect from technology vendors. So we want to show off what’s possible -- not just what’s been promised.

We treat you as if you're smart and know what's best.

...because our clients are smart, and they do know. We work with clients that inspire us, and whose missions we want to support. That mutual respect results in trusting relationships and productive communication about business pain points and solutions. We won’t hide behind intimidating security-speak and IT jargon. We say what we mean, and mean for clients to understand what we say.

Our clients put their people first - and so do we.

Happy employees create happy customers. Downtime is expensive and top talent shouldn’t spend entire days downloading apps and setting up workstations. Our clients understand this, and demand the best for their people as a matter of business strategy. We bring a matching sense of purpose and excitement to every client engagement.

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The values that drive us forward.

Passion and urgency infuse everything we do, alongside the wisdom to consider options fully and with care.

Deliver the Impossible

We set aggressive goals. We aren’t only committed to doing good work. We go beyond treating symptoms to treating root causes and architecting next-generation solutions instead of stopgaps. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth making things amazing.

Communicate Openly & Accessibly

We value honesty and transparency, and we carry this forth into our client relationships.. We aim to understand one another and want our clients to know exactly how we’re serving them, so we speak in plain English.

Committed to Community

We care passionately about creating a better world and want to support companies that are on the same mission. Knowing that we are helping to make a difference makes our work that much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Enjoy the Adventure, Together

When work is fun, it doesn’t feel like work. We cultivate a sense of humor and lean in together on the hard stuff. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that we actually love this work and enjoy each other’s company.

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