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Easy patch management on macOS - zero packaging required

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Alectrona Apple-based IT management
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"This is what patching on the Mac should be. It is easy, automated, and well thought out. If you are like me and have made your own patch engine, then you will really appreciate the attention to detail and user experience!"

Ready for Alectrona Patch to make you the security hero of your team?

Alectrona Patch is designed to install or update third-party apps to help you minimize security vulnerabilities and save massive amounts of time on patching - all while making your end users happy and productive!

Issues with application updates and other human errors are a primary cause of cybersecurity incidents. To avoid these issues, you must move enforcement into the hands of reliable, clear, and consistent automation. To defend against malware and vulnerabilities using effective automation for patch management is your best defense.

No more unpatched apps
Address third-party app
vulnerabilities fast and automatically
Make your security team and your
end users happy
Make patch compliance easy

Alectrona Patch

Simple, lightweight agent written in Swift. Painless software deployment. Make it easy.

400+ apps & growing

A tool to install or upgrade over 400 Mac applications without the need for any packaging

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Cloud-native, no server or package hosting required

Deploy the latest apps directly from the software vendor

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User consent for updates

Ensure your users are never interrupted unexpectedly

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Deploying & updating apps is easy

Retain admin control over automated installation and updates, so you deploy only what you need

Seamless integration with
Jamf Pro & other major MDM tools

Integrate with most MDMs, including Jamf Pro, Jamf Now Plus, VMware Workspace ONE (AirWatch), Mosyle Manager, Addigy, Fleetsmith, MobileIron, Microsoft Intune, and Meraki Systems Manager

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Enhanced security & certificate validation

Validate code signatures of applications and packages on the fly prior to installation

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About Alectrona PAtch

How it works



Deploys the agent package and a preconfigured profile via MDM to install and/or update applications automatically.



Compares the installed version of applications with our Patch Catalog to determine if an update is necessary prior to downloading the application’s install media.



Validates code signatures of applications and packages on the fly prior to installation.



Checks for user consent. If user postpones, the install media will be cached locally and does not need to be re-downloaded.



Determines if an application is running prior to update and prompts the user to update or postpone.

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Advanced Features

Installing caching

Cache an application’s install media for installation later using the "cache" subcommand.

Update Unmanaged Apps

When installing software, you can leverage the "update-only" flag to only perform an update if the application is already installed and out-of-date.

Custom Workflows

You can easily run pre-install and post-install commands using the pre-configured options.

Simulation Mode

Included is a handy "dry-run" option to run through the download / install / upgrade process for an application without actually installing.

Graphic of application icons supported by Alectrona Patch

See the up-to-date list of applications supported:

We update our list frequently with new additions in our constantly-expanding list of supported applications:

View Patch Catalog
pricing plans

Straightforward Pricing

Starting at

100 Macs

$249 /mo
billed annually

Patch management made easy for organizations large & small

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100+ Macs

Pricing available upon request for organizations of any size

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Frequently asked questions.

Our most commonly asked questions about getting started with Alectrona Patch. If you have other questions feel free to check out our documentation or book a demo:

How often is the Patch Catalog updated?

Alectrona Patch updates the catalog definitions at least once per day with new versions when made available by the software vendor.  

Is this cloud hosted or on-prem?

Alectrona Patch is fully cloud-hosted with no on-premised infrastructure required.  All updates are downloaded from the software vendor's website or CDN directly from your endpoint Macs.

Can I use Patch to download/install macOS Updates?

Patch supports third-party applications that are not in the Mac App Store.  We recommend utilizing built-in configurable settings for Software Update using a Configuration Profile with your MDM.

Are previous versions of software titles available for installation?

No, Alectrona Patch always installs the latest version to ensure you are receiving the latest security updates available.  If you wish to install older versions, we recommend hosting this package yourself as many vendors only publish the latest version.

Can I force a user to update?

Yes, by using the --force flag when calling the Patch binary on the command line..

How does Patch handle unattended computers?

If an application is not open, the application will update automatically.  If you are looking to force install, use the --force flag when calling the Patch binary.

Does Patch work for iOS/Android/Windows?

Alectrona Patch is for Mac apps only, specifically those outside of the Mac App Store.

Frequently Asked Questions
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