Technology that just works. 



Stop worrying about technology
and start using it.

At Alectrona, we believe that technology should just work. We provide fast, simple, and elegant solutions that empower our customers. We help businesses grow, because the moment you stop worrying about your computer, you can start using it.


Enterprise Experts


We'll help you find it. Great businesses run on great equipment. 

We'll help you keep your current hardware running, while we create a strategic plan for future purchases that will make your team happy (especially your accountant).

We're Apple-certified, too!


No matter what your business needs, there's an app for that. We'll help you find it.

Need to streamline your accounting? No problem. Want to keep track of your clients? Let's do it. Struggling to coordinate a project with your team? Not anymore.

Work is about to get a lot easier.

Cloud Services

The small business server is a thing of the past. Let's get rid of yours, and replace it with the Cloud.

We'll make sure that your data is everywhere you need it (and nowhere you don't).

We're a Google Apps partner, and we love curing headaches by putting emails, calendars, and everything else in the cloud.



When the office opens on Monday, the new computers need to be ready for work. That’s our job. We’ll make sure that the right products are running the right software, configured in the right way. Whether we’re deploying custom iPhone profiles to keep data secure, or rewiring an office for high-speed internet, our clients can trust that their new systems will run smoothly from Day 1. 



Pushing the Power button is only the beginning. After we’ve implemented a new solution for a customer, we provide personal and relevant training to users. Change can be scary, but we’re addicted to helping our clients learn to love their computers.  Our group and individual trainings give business users the tools they need to get the job done.



We don’t want sales; we want relationships. What’s that button do? We know, and we’d love to show you. Why is our internet slowing down? We can fix that. Should the server room smell like burning? No, we’re on our way. Our clients never feel helpless in the face of technology problems, because they know that we’ll be there with a solution. 


iOS App Development

You need to right tool for the job, but what if the right tool doesn't exist yet? That's where we come in. We design and build amazing apps that help your team stay productive on the go. Our developers will work with you directly to make sure that you love your new app.