Alectrona is here to help


We'll Handle
The Hard Stuff

You have better things to do than worry about technology. Our clients save money (and stress) when we handle all of their tech needs.

You Don't Need a Server Room Anymore

We can help you ditch that old hardware,  and replace it with better, faster, cheaper solutions in the cloud. Welcome to the future of business technology.

In Plain English

Our technicians and trainers don't use jargon, period. We'll give you the information you need, without needing a translator.


Our Expertise Includes...



Apple products were our first love, and we've stayed faithful ever since our first Macintosh. We are experts at integrating Apple products into busy offices, and we love helping people learn to love their new Mac.

Google Apps

We're crazy about Google Apps, and we think you will be too. Happiness is replacing an entire dusty server room with a Google Apps subscription. Goodbye asthma, hello productivity!


Microsoft has been at the core of the modern workplace for 30 years, and our customers rely on our ability to integrate their established systems with the latest solutions.



Whether you’re a small law firm with big dreams, or a big firm with no time to waste, we’ll make sure that your transition to Clio is fast and painless. Every law firm is different, and so is every law firm’s Clio account.

Cloud Migration

It's 2017; you don't need that big old server in the closet anymore. Whether we're moving your tape archive to Amazon's secure storage, or putting your project management software in a datacenter, we can make the Cloud seem just like Heaven.


If it has a battery, a power cord, or a little blinking light, we can make it work better for your business. Our priority is making sure that everything works the way you need, and we love a challenge.

Happy Clients Across Industries



Whether you're an established agency trying to stay current, or a small firm on the rise, we'll help you make your mark. Loved equally by the creative and
account departments.


The law has gone digital, and we're here to get you caught up and stay protected. Practice management software, secure document management, the works! 


Spend time focusing on your customers, not your POS system. Our technicians can provide solutions that meet your store's unique needs, and get you ready for lines out the door.



No profit? No problem. If your fundraising team needs a new database, or your program managers need to teleconference with a team in Togo, we've got you covered. We'll handle the easy stuff, and you can get back to changing the world.

Public Relations

When you're busy making headlines, you don't have time to figure out why the mailing list isn't working. FileMaker, MailChimp, or just plain old Microsoft Word; we can get it whipped into shape.


Offices with bad technology are a lot like unhappy families: every one is different. But with our utility-belt full of great software, great hardware, and great people, we're confident that we can get the job done. Soon, the water-cooler will be singing your praise.

Great technology requires great teachers


This belief is at the core of all our services. Every project, every client, no matter big or small, receives world-class instruction from our trainers. A job isn’t done until everyone in the office knows, and loves, the change.



You'll be happy to see us


We combine technical expertise with compassionate, compelling training. How? It’s simple (but not easy): we hire really cool people. Most technology companies hire computer people, and then tell them to teach others about computers. At Alectrona, we hire fantastic teachers, and turn them into technology experts. It’s hard work, but as our clients can attest, it pays off.



Say goodbye to tech-intimidation


Our clients love that we fix problems, not just computers. We spend time with the people we support, discovering not only their technology needs, but their hobbies, interests, hang-ups, and fears. Fear #1? That the computer is something scary and intimidating. We love stomping on that boogie man.