Taking care of your devices so you can focus on your clients.

We specialize in putting technology to work in ways that improve process for small to mid-size organizations, where we know our skills and services best match their needs and budgets. Even if you have a technology-saavy organization that doesn’t need regular support, we can provide peace of mind that your data is safe and that your Macs and mobile devices are under control.


Remote Management and Patching

Alectrona utilizes the best-in-class device management systems for macOS: Jamf PRO and Cisco’s Meraki tools. We keep your most essential applications such as your operating system, Microsoft applications, Adobe Creative Cloud apps, as well as a number of others, up to date on an ongoing basis with no required action by your users.



Alectrona utilizes 24-hour monitoring, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), as well as automated device encryption and security policies deployed through our management tools. We implement industry-standard cloud solutions for our customers, such as those provided by Google and Microsoft, that are backed by proven companies with dedicated security teams.

Using public tools and resources available to us as members of the Apple Consultant Network, we stay up-to-date on the latest vulnerabilities affecting Apple devices.  From our management tools, we can identify and update which devices need security patches remotely, and verify that they’ve been installed correctly.

As part of our user management service, we also handle off-boarding tasks when a member leaves your team, helping to assure that your data stays in your control and is properly managed through the transition.



We include CrashPlan PROe encrypted online (cloud) backup service for each managed computer and server.  We’ll also help you acquire, configure and manage an on-premise backup system for redundancy and ease of rapid recovery in case of a hardware failure, theft, or other data loss situation.  CrashPlan PROe backs up on an ongoing basis whenever the computer is powered on and connected to the internet, providing peace of mind for remote and traveling members of your staff.

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Human Resources Automation

Alectrona provides BambooHR HRIS to all clients at no additional charge.  BambooHR's employee self-onboarding software can help you complete paperwork before a new hire's start date and get everyone introduced quickly with welcome emails and team introductions.  Through BambooHR’s onboarding workflows, Alectrona is alerted to prepare a new staff member’s computer, necessary IT-related accessories, and provision user accounts for all of the services they will need to do their job.



Alectrona utilizes 24-hour remote monitoring powered by Watchman and osquery for over 100 hardware and software issues.  We track your system’s warranty coverage, your hardware and software performance, as well as monitor the functioning of your backups both on premise and in the cloud. This allows us to ensure reliability of your team’s technology, and allows us to schedule time to address issues before it becomes a work-stopping problem.



Alectrona helps our clients work today while planning for tomorrow; your technology should help that growth, not hinder it. That’s where we come in: we implement scalable solutions that will expand with your business, and we design long-term technology plans that your accountant will love.  Working with your HR team, we predict hardware needs and help you order and procure them in a timely fashion, making the right first impression - each new employee has a Mac ready to go on their first day as part of their welcome kit.

We regularly update your standard system configurations when new hardware is released, and have your standardized hardware requirements on hand when new computers need to be ordered for new hires.  As part of integrating into your hiring and onboarding processes, we work to ensure you have the appropriate hardware available for your next hire, as well as maintain available inventory for when something goes wrong.  Whether it’s a third party loaner service such as Apple’s Joint Venture, or simply having a few extra computers available in the office, we never want to leave a member of your team unable to work due to a technical issue.


Network Management

With the Meraki security appliance we install at your office, we monitor your internet connection and will proactively reach out to your ISP in the event of an outage or issue affecting connectivity such as packet loss. With multiple internet (WAN) connections, we can have your systems fail over to the secondary connection in the event of downtime with your primary connection, and can even have a third backup to a 4G LTE hotspot in the case of a major outage.  

Additionally, any changes to your network configuration can be addressed quickly by our technicians, rather than requiring a visit to your office.  Most network related issues can be remediated via contacting us, if we haven’t already addressed it via an automated alert we receive from your equipment.


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