Taking care of your devices so you can focus on your clients.

We specialize in putting technology to work in ways that improve process for small to mid-size organizations, where we know our skills and services best match their needs and budgets. Even if you have a technology-saavy organization that doesn’t need regular support, we can provide peace of mind that your data is safe and that your Macs and mobile devices are under control.


Setup and Configuration

Whether we’re deploying custom iPhone profiles to keep data secure, or upgrading wireless access points for high-speed internet, our clients can trust that their new systems will run smoothly from Day 1.


Patching and Maintenance

Alectrona utilizes best in class ongoing patching and upgrade systems for OS X and Windows: Jamf PRO and Kaseya, respectively. We keep your most essential applications such as your operating system, Microsoft applications, Adobe Creative Cloud apps, as well as a number of others, up to date on an ongoing basis with no required action by your users.


Data Security

Alectrona recommends industry standard public cloud solutions for our customers, such as those provided by Google and Microsoft. For additional data security, Alectrona utilizes 24-hour monitoring, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), as wellas automated device encryption and security policies.



For all managed services clients, we include CrashPlan PROe encrypted online (cloud) backup service. 

Application Management.png

Application Management

From license key management to user setup and configuration, we take the burden off you so that you can focus on what you do best.


Proactive Monitoring

We monitor the age and performance of your computers and provide quarterly recommendations on hardware upgrades and workstation replacements to ensure you minimize downtime and maximize productivity.  Additionally, we monitor battery performance and component performance to ensure you get malfunctioning and depleted hardware repaired in a timely fashion.



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