How it Works:

Looking for advice, guidance and a full help-desk?
Alectrona has you covered.



  • You hire a new employee, and we get an automatic alert.
  • We create a custom Apple store portal for you, and then we help you purchase the required technology.
  • We setup the accounts and make sure your team is always ready to do what they do best.



  • We monitor and address any potential issues.
  • When something changes, you let us know and we make sure it happens seamlessly, whether that's a new piece of software, a change to your team (e.g. addition or termination), or new security requirements.
  • We'll manage all your accounts.



  • We'll enforce security rules across all devices.
  • We ensure all software is kept up-to-date, applying software patches as needed.
  • You'll receive regular reports on device status as well as any remediation steps we needed to take to address potential security issues.



  • Put your feet up.
  • From here, we regularly monitor and update all devices to ensure everything is kept running smoothly.

What You'll Get:

Custom Support Portal
You'll have access to a dedicated portal to get the help you need right when you need it.
Apple Online Store
We set you up with a custom Apple store portal for all your hardware purchasing.
We provide you access to BambooHR software for all your hiring, onboarding, compensation, culture, and people HR needs.
Jamf Pro
24x7 monitoring and management of all your iPad, iPhone and Mac devices - anywhere.
Security Enforcement
Protection of all your IT assets from various threats such as malware, unsecure device settings, improper software, and theft.
Device / Network / Cloud Management
Administration, management, and maintenance of all devices, network infrastructure, and cloud configuration.
Software Patch Management
Whenever software updates are required (e.g. for security enhancement or critical bug fixes), we take care of it automatically.
IT Asset Management
Life-cycle management of the entire IT environment, including helping you with strategic IT decision to grow your business.
User Self Service
In addition to our help desk users can help themselves when they have problems.
Ticket Tracking
Users can check the status of any request right within the portal.
Changes to your team?
  • We help with new employees IT onboarding
  • We help transition employees out of your company

Problems? Opportunities?

  • We help manage the ongoing lifecycle/quarterly reviews/audits/etc.
  • We’ll let you know when you need to replace computers, when new hardware is available, help you purchase at the right time. etc.
  • We help facilitate repairs whenever needed
  • We’ll integrate a new solution strategy when required
  • We continually improve your system’s performance to help you achieve your goals.

How we're different:


Making IT Management Simple
We take care of all your IT management needs so you can focus on your business instead of in your business.

Trusted and Secure
We stay up-to-date on the latest vulnerabilities affecting Apple devices. From our management tools, we can identify and remotely update any devices that need security patches.

You've heard of rules of thumb? We have only one: hire awesome people. At Alectrona, there is no Rule #2. We combine problem solving expertise with extraordinary customer service. How? It's simple (but not easy): we hire really cool people. We hire fantastic teachers, and turn them into great technologists. It's hard work, but as our clients can attest, it pays off.

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